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Artisan Locaal Pilki

Pilki Labrador tea infusions are an ode to the poetic beauty of boreal flora.
Made from wild ingredients hand-picked in the boreal forest and meadows of Québec, Pilki herbal teas offer you a unique taste experience with every sip in addition to helping you benefit from Labrador tea's incredible health virtues.

Black spruce, wintergreen, balsam fir, raspberry leaves, Labrador tea and more, Québec's wild aromatics come together to create bold and delicious flavour blends. The environment is one of the fundamental values of Roxane Valiquette and Frédéric Verville, Pilki's two founders. Picking in the wild is done ethically to respect the plants and promote their regeneration.

Oh how nice it would be to be able to leave a healthy earth to future generations with vast biodiversity. We hope they can enjoy it as much as we've been able to experience it.
Roxane Valiquette and Frédéric Verville

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