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Océan de Saveurs

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Antoine Nicolas, the founder of Océan de saveurs, harvests seaweed that grows near the shores of Forillon National Park, in the Gaspésie, by diving as deep as 25 meters. A trained biologist originally from Brittany, his arrival in Gaspésie in 2011 led him to take an interest in seaweed for its incredible aromatic profile and its many health benefits.

This is how he decided to launch his business specializing in the collection and distribution of fresh seaweed, a sea vegetable that was little-known at the time and which deserved a place of choice on the plate. Océan de saveurs was also the first producer of certified organic Québec seaweed. Nori, sea lettuce, and all the other varieties of seaweed offered are carefully selected and hand-picked in an eco-responsible and sustainable manner. The company is certified Excellence level by Les pages vertes for its nature-friendly practices.

Working in nature, diving, isn't the easiest way, but I chose to realize my dreams. I have a contrarian side. It enabled me to build my business in a field that didn't exist.
Antoine Nicolas
Océan de Saveurs

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