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FAY'S Terroir Chocolaté

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Mathilde Fays is from Alsace, France, and followed in the footsteps of her father, Jean-Yves Fays, a master chocolatier, pastry chef and ice cream maker who passed on his passion for chocolate to her. In 2011, she realized her dream of opening her own chocolate factory in the heart of the Oka region in the Basses-Laurentides.

Chocolaterie FAYS will give you an extraordinary taste and chocolate experience with its daring and decadent bites that perfectly combine local flavours and pure premium cocoa. Mathilde and her team don't compromise on quality so that each handcrafted bite exceeds your expectations.

I am an epicurean, passionate about artisanal chocolate and local products! The origin of the raw materials, the quality of the products and respect for the environment are at the heart of my values, and I like to reflect them in each bite of chocolate, bar or confectionery.
Mathilde Fays
Fay's terroir chocolaté

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