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La Pincée

La Classique No1 100 g

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La Classique No1 100 g

Fancy salt with a bouquet garni! La Classique from La Pincée is a richly textured blend with notes of thyme and freshly ground spices that will add an aromatic salt crunch to all your recipes. Use before or after cooking. Sprinkle sparingly as it is based on sea salt. It enhances soups, salmon, salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, green vegetables, turnips, pasta, mashed potatoes, eggs and braised meats.



Sea salt, Guérande salt, Freshly ground herbs, Black pepper

Allergens and additional information

Contains no preservatives, garlic, onions or dehydrated vegetables.

Artisan Locaal La Pincee 22 11 23 v1

La Pincée

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