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The Locaal Box

October 26, 2020
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As you’ve probably guessed, here at Locaal, we are true locavores! Quebec producers are important to us, not only for the ingredients we use in our recipes, but also for the production of our packaging. We dreamed of finding Quebec-based food packaging suppliers able to meet our criteria. We are proud to say “Mission accomplished”!

Local suppliers for local flavours

Coming up with a solution for our packaging wasn’t easy. We had to find THE rare gem among all suppliers with regards to the production of meal containers, packaging film and sleeves (not to mention the delivery box). For the convenience of our consumers, we also wanted to come up with a local solution that would make it possible for our meals to be heated in both a microwave oven and a conventional one, while being recyclable. Moreover, finding local suppliers was one of our major criteria.

After extensive searching, our research and development team finally got their hands on a meal container that would work best for us. It is made from recycled PET plastic (#1) and can hold a portion of up to 400 grams. It is proudly made in Quebec, I00% recyclable and, more importantly, it offers the versatility needed to cook our ready-to-savour meals. Another advantage of this container is that it can withstand cold well, which is perfect if you need to store one of your Locaal meals in the freezer before it reaches its best before date.

100% recyclable packaging

The meal container selection is not the only thing that was carefully thought out; the packaging film, sleeve and isothermal delivery box are also recyclable! Simply rinse it and then toss it in the blue bin! Made from recycled paper fibres, our isothermal delivery box is 100% recyclable and contributes to promoting local economy.

Having said that, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends and new opportunities to help reduce our environmental impact, while ensuring impeccable quality. Environmental concern is at the core of everything we do here at Locaal, including choosing where our foods and packaging come from and offering environmentally-friendly delivery.

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