Boreal Cocktail Syrups Gift Set

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Boreal Cocktail Syrups Gift Set
Get 1 Locaal point with every dollar spent.

In discovery mode? Want to please someone close to you? KWE Cocktail offers you here a nice little box, with 3 flavours to test out.

3 x 4 oz.

3 original flavours

Forest Tonic Water:
Handmade from carefully selected ingredients, this forest tonic water is composed of a blend of boreal spices with citrus and pepper aromas. It also captures the essence of cedar, giving it a very pleasant bitterness. With all these enveloping ingredients, this forest tonic will put a balm on your heart, summer and winter!

Cranberry and fir cocktail syrup:
Quebec, this land rich in resources and traditions, gives us once again the chance to highlight another northern jewel: cranberries. In our recipe, the juniper berry works with the latest to bring a balanced touch of resin and tannins. It is finally thanks to the fir shoots that a sweet fragrance is released, as comforting as fine boreal cotton candy.

Wild Mint Cocktail Syrup:
Ah lime and mint! A sunny classic! Let your imagination take you away and rediscover the classic mojito in a new light, with a touch of herbaceous wildness. Made from hand-picked wild mint, all prepared with love!



Forest Tonic: Water, Sugar, Orange juice, Natural flavours, Quinine, Citric acid

Cranberry & Fir Syrup: Sugar, Water, Cranberry Juice, Fir Shoots, Juniper Berries, Citric Acid

Wild Mint Syrup: Water, Sugar, Lime, Wild Mint


Add to your favourite cocktails and mocktails.

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